Inventory Management Solutions

From providing customer quotes, looking at warehouse stock, and running reports on last month's sales, our Inventory Management Software is very impressive with an array of options and simple use/workflow.

Standard Product Features & Benefits

  • PRODUCT LISTINGS - Find and organise your products easily by category, sub category etc.
  • MULTIPLE LOCATIONS - Organize and track your stock by location & sub location, etc.
  • MULTI USER MODE - Privildged & Restricted access to areas of the software as required.
  • INTUITIVE DASHBOARD - Get all the Information you need in one place at your fingertips.
  • PRODUCT HISTORY - Know where your product came from and where it currently is in real time.
  • CUSTOMER HISTORY - Access your customer history while answeing their queries efficiently.
  • SUPPLIER HISTORY - Review payment history to a suppliers or a group of suppliers by type.
  • CUSTOMER NOTES - Have you team up-to-date with detailed or simple customer notes.
  • STOCK CONTROL - Make sure that production is at optimumm levels by managing stock efficiently.
  • STOCK AJUSTMENT - Adjust stock easily as per your needs to adjust item quanities or values.
  • MULTI CURRENCY - Allows you to procure and price goods in a variety of currencies.

Inventory Software Solutions is available in the following versions :


Control your Inventory with easyIMS from ACD Software Solutions, a complete inventory solution for small to medium sized businesses from windows based personal computers, desktops and laptops.


Wether you are on the go or at home, access and control your inventory from anywhere you are connected to the Net with any modern browser.


Need a custom solution for your one of a kind operation? Just call us and we'll build that Custom Software Solutions tailored to your special needs.

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